Welcome to the Third FB3 Meeting

Fluorescent Biomolecules and their Building Blocks – Design and Applications

Tianjin University, China
July 7 - 11, 2016
South Library (Science Library, Building #21 on Campus Map)
Campus Map downloaded here,

This third FB3 meeting will gather experts from around the world to discuss the state-of-the-art in the development and use of fluorescent probe molecules for biomolecular and nanotechnological systems. This rapidly evolving field deserves a dedicated venue and we feel that our community would benefit from a vigorous discussion and exchange of ideas related to its progress and future directions.

The meeting will bring together established scientists, younger investigators, students and postdocs. To enable focused discussions, promote exchange of ideas and facilitate networking, the number of participants will be limited to approximately 150. We are delighted that Professor Eric Kool (Stanford University) has agreed to be our keynote speaker.

With our warm welcome,

Jay Siegel (Tianjin University)
Nathaniel Finney (Tianjin University)
Yves Mely (University of Strasbourg)
Yitzhak Tor (UCSD; founder of FB3)
Marcus Wilhelmsson (Chalmers University of Technology; founder of FB3)


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