SPST MS Pharmacy Course List

Course Code Course Name Coordinator
S2135003 M0C Introductory of Pharmaceutical Sciences Robert Borris
S2135004 M0C Pharmaceutical Statistics Wilson Goh
S213E027 Pharmaceutical Administration WU Jing
S2130004 M1C Organic Reaction in Medicinal Chemistry "Nathaniel Finney / DENG Jun"
S2130013 M3C Introduction to Natural Product CHEN Haixia
S2130019 M5C Polymer Materials for Drug Delivery WANG Zheng
S2130007 M2C Pharmaceutical Instrumental Analysis I ZHANG Yong
S2130006 M1M3M4C Organic Spectroscopic Analysis and Structural Identification "Andrew SU / SU Yanfang"
S2135006 M1C Rationale in Drug Design HUANG Jianhui
S2135005 M4C ADMET Matthias Bureik
S2130009 M2C Bioanalysis CHEN Lei
S2130008 Pharmaceutical Instrumental Analysis II JIN Xinghua
S2130014 M3C Modern Pharmaceutical Separation Methods and Techniques YANG Xuedong
S2135001 M4M5C Modern Pharmacology Techniques ZHANG Yan
S2130016 M4C Drug Targets and signaling ZHANG Youcai
S2130018 M4E Cancer Immunology SUN Jian
S2130017 M4C Biological Drugs Kenneth Woycechowsky
S2130012 M3C R & D Traditional Medicine GAO Wenyuan
S2130005 M1C Computer-Aided Drug Design WEI Jing
S2130020 M5C Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology ZHAO Yanjun
S2130015 M3E Bioengineering of TCM WANG Juan
S2130010 M2E Laboratory Exercise in Instrumental Analysis DING Guosheng
S2130011 M2E Nanoparticle-based Biosensing FAN Aiping