SPST MS Pharmacy Administration Course List

Course Code Course Name Coordinator
S209G002 Applied statistics By College of Economics and Management
S209E052 Public Economics
S209G013 Introduction to Public Management
S209E199 Frontier Public management
S209E051 Public Policy Analysis
S209E210 Social Medical Insurance
S213E027 Introduction to Regulatory Sciences SHI Jinhai & WU Jing
S213G035 Pharmacoeconomics (A) WU Jing
S213G030 Pharmaceutical Preclinical Discovery(A) SUN He
S213G029 Pharmaceutical Clinical Discovery WU Jing
S213E023 Health Economics SHI Jinhai
S2130003 Frontier Health Economics Invited
S2130022 Frontier Pharmacoeconomics
S2135004 M0C Pharmaceutical Statistics Wilson Goh