SPST BS Course List

Course Code Course Name Coordinator
2130184 Scientific English Yan Zhang/Youcai Zhang
2130188 Writing & Speaking I Kathy Borris
2130185 General Chemistry for Pharmaceutical Sciences I Mark Olson
2130186 General Biology Chang Chung
2130187 General Chemistry Lab Thomas Bader
2130192 Writing & Speaking II Kathy Borris
2130189 Linear Algebra Chul Kim
2130191 General Chemistry for Pharmaceutical Sciences II Nathaniel Finney
2130190 Molecular & Cellular Biology I Jun Dai
2130193 Introduction of Economics Jeanette Mar
New course.
No code yet.
Will post at the
beginning of the
next semester
General Biology Lab Chang Chung
Organic Chemistry I Ben Clark
Microbiology and Immunology Jian Sun/Nasir
Pharmaceutical Administration Jing Wu
Organic Chemistry Lab Thomas Bader