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Lab Rotation Forms

Professors and students MUST have made mutual agreements concerning the lab rotation position and time before filling out these forms.

MS Supervisor "Two-way Agreement" Form

MS Co-thesis-advisors "Two-way Selection" Form (Please read the requirements below!)

  1. You should have a principal supervisor already approved by the Chair of Academic Degree Committee (你应该已有学位评定委员会主席批准的主导师)
  2. Each student can apply 2 co-thesis-advisors(每个硕士生应选两位>论文副导)
  3. The co-thesis-advisors should be confirmed by consulting with the student's principal supervisor(论文副导需经硕士生的主导师批准)
  4. The research field of a co-thesis-advisor can be different from the student's principal supervisor(论文副导的研究领域可异于硕士生主导师的研究领 域)