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Forms related to Laboratory Rotation, Supervisor and Co-Supervisor agreement, Graduate Scholarship, Course Plans, and other related PhD and MS course forms can be found here.

I. Laboratory Rotation Study Forms

Each student starting the program must do 3 lab research studies. It is the responsibility of each student to familiarize themselves with all research professor in the Health Sciences Platform, and make a choice of no more than 3 professors that they would like to do these 3 research studies. It is recommended also that students talk to the professors they wish to do rotation with, because it is not guaranteed that a selection of professor will select them from their list of requests for rotations in their group.

To start this process, each student should fill out the following form:

Once all the students have made their selections, the professors can use the Supervisor Form below to make their selections.

II. MS supervisor and co-supervisor agreement forms

Students need to have a principle supervisor that has been approved by the Chair of the Academic Degree Committee. (学生应该已有学位评定委员会主席批准的主导师)

Once this selection has been made, the student and the supervisor need to fill out the following form:

MS Two Tay Agreement Form For Students

PHD Two Way Agreement Form For Students

Supervisor Agreement Forms For Supervisors

In addition, each student should select 2 Co-thesis advisors with their Supervisor.(每个学生应有两位论文副导)

Once these selections have been made, the student and the Co-Advisor need to fill out the following form (one for each Co-Supervisor):

MS Co-Supervisors Agreement Form

III. Graduate Scholarship Application Form

Graduate Scholarship Application Form

IV. Course Plan Forms

After a “Two way agreement” has been made between a student and an advisor, new PhD and MS students are required to make a formal course plan according to the mutual agreement of the student and supervisor. Below are the cours plan forms for MS and PhD students.

In addition,there are 3 steps in the couse selection procedure for new students as follow:

  1. With the help of the supervisor, each student must fill out a course plan form after reading the explanation files and other reference files found below. The filled out cours plan forms must be returned to A-209 before the 14th of November.
  2. The teaching office will check the forms and put the information into the course selection system, and print out a Graduate Student Courseplan Implemented Form (《研究生课程计划执行表》);
  3. The supervisors and students must check the Graduate Student Courseplan Implemented Form and provide their signatures.


PhD-HSP Courses

PhD Normal Track Coursework Explanation

PhD Course Plan Form

MS-HSP Courses

MS Science Track Course Work Explanation

Curriculum for MS(S) (Chinese)

MS(S) Student Course Focus Area

MS Scientific Track Course Plan Form

MS Professional Track Course Work Explanation

Curriculum for MS(P) (Chinese)

MS Professional Track Course Plan Form

2017 MS Student Mentoring Plan Form

2017 PhD Student Mentoring Plan Form