New Safety Related Articles and Documents:

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      HSP Lab Safety Program Highlighted as a Case Study

      ACS Division of Chemical Health and Safety, "Laboratory Risk Assessment", by Tim Gallagher, University of Bristol and Rachel Briand, Blue Seat Studios.

      Interesting article by UCLA Professor Miguel Garcia-Garibay: "An Approach to Enhance the Safety Culture of an Academic Chemistry Research Laboratory by Addressing Behaviorial Factors"

      TJU Laboratory Safety Management Experience Open Day
The “Open Day of TJU Laboratory Safety” was held at Building 24 of the Health Science Platform on campus on 24th,Oct. More than 50 Deans and other personnel as well as the Vice President attended this activity. They visited representative laboratories, and the Dean of the Health Science Platform delivered a report about “Laboratory Safety Management Experience”, and in general the new Safety Program that has been launched in both Buildings 24 and 15. HSP also has launched a new Safety Website, which provides many levels of Safety information aimed student and faculty preparedness. All joined together in expressing a high regard for ‘Safety Culture’ at TJU, as exemplified by the safety laboratory culture and general safety culture efforts at HSP. Together with several other TJU campus programs, the HSP program was highlighted with a TJU campus award for high level of safety.