Policy Updates

      2017 September Policy Update
      HSP Lab Safety Program (PLEASE READ)

Important Laboratory Safety Materials

      2017 Lab Contacts List

      ACS Laboratory Safety Manual (English)
      ACS Laboratory Safety Manual (Chinese)

      Safety in Academic Chemistry Laboratories

      Laboratory Safety Information & Instructions

      Laboratory Safety Record Book Preface (Short Form Safety Rules)

      Chemical Storage Protocols Handbook
      Chemical Storage Quick Reference
      Environmental Health & Safety Chemical Storage Fact Sheet
      Safe Handling of Gas Cylinders

      Chemical Waste Guidelines

      Pathogen Safety Data Sheets

      China National Policy for Animal Experimentation

      EXTOXNET (Extension Toxicology Network)
      TOXNET (TOXicology NETwork)

      OSHA/EPA Occupational Chemical Database
      Interactive Learning Paradigms Incorporated

      EPA Fact Sheets
      Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR)

      Principle Investigator Responsibilities Form
      HSP Safety Guidelines & Acknowledgement Form

      Sharps: What are they? Proper Handling
      PPE: What is it?
Emergency Protection Items List